Since its creation back in January 2017, we’ve received hundreds of questions about Trusted Herd. Questions on everything from how the hiring process works, to what specific features do, and how to stand out on Trusted Herd. In an attempt to answer your questions faster, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Reviews and Working with Agencies

Trusted Herd is a jobs’ site, but also reviews site. We have reviews to ensure good people and companies get more opportunities. Ultimately it’s a choice to be on Trusted Herd, but you have the ability to control your reputation in the live events’ industry by communicating well with companies, being understanding, and being flexible.

All jobs that you see on Trusted Herd are posted directly on the site by recruiters at those companies. Trusted Herd does not assist companies in the recruiting, hiring or managing process of talent – it’s on each individual company.

Applying for Jobs

No. Trusted Herd is 100% free for workers!

There’s a few ways to search for jobs on Trusted Herd. 

  1. Click the Public Jobs section. This is where all current, public jobs live, and can be filtered down to find the right gigs for you.
  2. From the Search Companies section, you can click on an individual company’s Jobs’ section, and those are their current available gigs.

Do you hold yourself to a higher standard? Show recruiters you’re committed, and become more desirable for opportunities.

What In-Network workers get?

  • In-Network badge on profile
  • At the top of applicants on jobs you apply to
  • At the top of worker lists when companies search talent by location
  • Claim your custom TH profile URL (e.g.,
  • Shown in the Local Market Leaders section

To keep In-Network status

  • If a company in Trusted Herd marks you No-Call No-Show, you’ll lose status

Get your profile as close to 100% complete as possible. When editing your profile on the website version of Trusted Herd, you’ll see how much complete % is given for each section. For example: first and last names are worth 5% respectively, resume is worth 10% and travel preferences are worth 2%. The more quality information you add to your profile, the better it will look! You can read more about Trusted Herd profiles in this blog.

Here is a short checklist when applying for jobs to get the highest chance of being hired:

  1. Ensure your profile is near 100% complete
  2. Have photos of you working gigs or photos that bring out your personality (smile!)
  3. Know anyone who can vouch for your work ethic? The reason is you can get endorsements from fellow workers, and companies, that end up on your TH profile! This is super helpful because you can carry your reputation with you to each new gig applied, vs. starting back at square one each time.
  4. When it asks for an application note, that’s your chance to stand out. Write something particular about the job. “Hi xyz company, I really want to work this convention because I’ve been a fan of xyz for years” or something like that. Make sure it’s well put together.

Follow the above and you’ll get some companies asking for interviews!