Two Companies Join Forces to Increase Industry Transparency & Accountability

Two CEOs of live event tech companies, Brian Fox and Jeff Limberg, share a vision: one of a reimagined promotional staffing industry built around transparency and accountability – two things both agree are consistently missing in the field.

Fox’s Trusted Herd, a Chicago-based event staffing marketplace, continues to build their universal review system for companies hiring event talent, and the workers they hire. Limberg’s Promogo, an Austin-area tech startup, has built a platform for accurate and live-streaming promotional event data collection and reporting through its native app. In finding one another, each discovered an ideal partner to bridge the gaps, creating end-to-end coverage for the event marketing industry.

Promogo is the first SaaS provider to launch Trusted Herd’s Reviews API, allowing valuable data to flow between platforms with a focus on efficiency. “With this integration, Trusted Herd’s members will never start back at square one again when applying for new event gigs,” Fox said. “Inside Promogo, clients will see workers’ Trusted Herd reputation badges, and in return, send back 1-5 star job performance ratings to further support workers’ efforts in building their event industry reputation.”

“Agencies will benefit greatly from this integration,” Limberg adds. “Selecting the right talent ensures higher quality events for all parties involved. Combining Trusted Herd’s qualitative reviews with Promogo’s quantitative analytics is a no-brainer for end-to-end customer satisfaction.”

The event marketing industry is massive, but Fox and Limberg agree: when we all work together, good players naturally rise to the top. Promogo is excited to work with Trusted Herd towards the unifying mission to bring transparency and accountability to the forefront.

ABOUT TRUSTED HERD, INC. – Trusted Herd is the largest and most reputable event industry reviews and job site in the United States and Canada, helping brands, agencies, and workers make smarter decisions. With over 24,000 independent public reviews added by event workers, Trusted Herd is the source for trust and transparency in the event staffing industry. Learn more at:

ABOUT PROMOGO, INC. – Promogo, Inc. is a SaaS provider for end-to-end agency management tools, headquartered south of Austin in Lockhart, TX. With a focus on live streaming data capture through its native mobile apps, it aims to increase visibility into event activity and provide accurate and timely reporting to aid in business decision-making. Learn more at: