Brand Ambassadors of Facebook + Trusted Herd

A conversation that started two years ago, becomes an exclusive partnership unifying two popular event industry resources to improve the future landscape for workers and companies.

PHILIP: I’m proud to call myself an 18 year veteran of the Event Marketing industry. Only a few years into ‘promo’ work, I realized (as many of us do) that things could be better/more optimal/streamlined for all parties. When I began creating the BAs of FB groups, I just wanted a more efficient way for BAs to find work. With time and growth, I realized our groups became more than an easier place to look for job opportunities -> they became places to introduce new talent and aspiring agency owners into the industry, a forum for communication, an opportunity to develop leadership, and a significant ecosystem with some ability to bring about industry change. They became more than groups, we became a community. That said, I always felt with additional technology, we could accomplish even greater efficiency, accountability, transparency, and success for everyone.

Many entities have approached me over the years to work towards such a goal. I’ve spent the greater part of the last 3.5 years meeting, speaking to, and vetting potential partners, trying to determine who possesses the vision, resources, trustworthiness, and follow-through to achieve this outcome. With a deep caring for our community and a genuine desire to find the ideal partner, my instincts led me to Brian Fox, and Trusted Herd. Our visions to create accountability, industry transparency, talent and agency recognition, and a more ideal event marketing community, are exceptionally aligned.

BAs of FB is currently 240+ groups strong and the largest community of its kind in the world. Since founding the groups in 2011, I have never endorsed a particular platform, agency, or entity, but today, I am excited to announce this partnership between BAs of FB and Trusted Herd, to create a better future for Event Marketing.

BRIAN: In eight years, the BAs of FB groups have generated hundreds of thousands of promotional jobs, while amassing almost 700,000 members interested in our events industry. Just like the groups, Trusted Herd exists to be an all-inclusive destination allowing any company or worker to take advantage of an accountability-driven open network. Even with 21,000+ public event marketing reviews, 20,000+ company page views the last 30 days, and a growing free event job marketplace used by 60+ brands and agencies, the BAs of FB partnership will accelerate Trusted Herd’s growth exponentially, to benefit everyone.

TOGETHER: Nothing changes operationally in the groups. Companies who utilize TH to post their promo jobs will have the advantage of an optional, free concierge service where we post a job’s direct application link in the appropriate BAs of FB geographical group..among other benefits. The partnership’s goals include evolving the efficiencies and success of the groups, rewarding more opportunity and recognition to good workers, and creating more recruiting efficiencies for companies to find reputable talent, easier.

Individually we can only go so far, but together, a stronger, more cohesive event industry starts today. Let’s get to work!

– Philip and Brian

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