Welcome to Trusted Herd’s blog highlighting the top 10 coolest, most unique, and exciting live event gigs in April 2023! From music festivals and brand activations to virtual reality experiences and industry expos, Trusted Herd continues to connect talented professionals with extraordinary opportunities. This month’s selection includes Holo Holo Fest, a vibrant music festival celebrating travel and movement, and NAMA Show ’23, showcasing the latest in vending machine tech. We also have the VEX Robotics World Championship and the prestigious Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, where motorsport enthusiasts can witness the thrill of Formula 1 firsthand. Join us as we dive into these remarkable gigs and more, uncovering the unique experiences that Trusted Herd has to offer in the dynamic world of brand ambassador and live event gigs.

1. Holo Holo Fest

Staffed by US Event Management on Trusted Herd

Holo Holo Fest is a unique and exciting music festival that celebrates the spirit of travel and movement. The festival originated in Northern California in 2022 but has expanded to other locations like Las Vegas and Sacramento in 2023, with plans to continue moving to different places in the future. The festival is curated by Dan Sheehan, a co-owner of Good Vibez Presents, who has a deep connection to island music and reggae, which influenced his work as a festival producer. Good Vibez Presents has a rich history of organizing memorable concerts and festivals across the West Coast of Hawaii, and other locations, with a focus on supporting nonprofits and small businesses. Holo Holo Fest stands out as one of the most cool and unique jobs on Trusted Herd in April 2023 because it combines music, art, mindful gatherings, and sustainability, creating a vibrant and unforgettable experience for attendees. 

2. NAMA Show 2023

Staffed by Brand Activate on Trusted Herd

The National Automatic Merchandising Association, or NAMA for short, has an annual show specifically tailored for operators and professionals responsible for managing amenities and convenience services in places like hotels and hospitals. The NAMA Show presented cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and creative solutions that aimed to revolutionize convenience services and deliver new and exciting consumer experiences in every environment. By joining this event, workers had the chance to witness firsthand the industry’s latest advancements and explore how amenities and convenience services could be transformed to exceed customer expectations.

3. US Men’s Open Championship

Staffed by Productions Plus on Trusted Herd

In April 2023, Trusted Herd featured one of its coolest jobs, an activation for a luxury automotive brand at the US Men’s Open Championship. This event brought together the worlds of golf and luxury automobiles in a spectacular fashion. With stunning displays showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, the event created an unforgettable experience for golf enthusiasts and luxury car aficionados alike. The fusion of these two prestigious industries made it an exceptional and highly sought-after opportunity on Trusted Herd, attracting professionals who relished the chance to be part of such an extraordinary event.

4. Mother’s Day Chocolate Strawberry Promo

Staffed by The Lynne Experience on Trusted Herd

The Mother’s Day Chocolate Strawberry promo was one of the coolest jobs on Trusted Herd in April of 2023. This job sought outgoing brand ambassadors to engage in an exciting in-store promotion for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration. The staff had the delightful task of dipping luscious strawberries in decadent chocolate and distributing free samples to customers, all in honor of this special occasion. The job offered a fun and interactive experience, allowing the brand ambassadors to connect with consumers and spread joy through delicious treats. It was a unique and enjoyable opportunity for those who love to engage with people and bring smiles to their faces.

5. VEX Robotics World Championship

Staffed by Eventlink on Trusted Herd

The VEX Robotics World Championship, held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, was a thrilling and prestigious event. This annual gathering attracted the best VEX Robotics Competition teams from around the world, offering them a platform to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted title of champions. The event provided a unique and exhilarating opportunity for individuals on Trusted Herd, as they had the chance to be part of this cutting-edge robotics competition and contribute to the seamless execution of the championship. Being involved in an event of this magnitude allowed participants to witness groundbreaking innovations, witness the passion and dedication of young robotics enthusiasts, and be at the forefront of the future of technology. It was truly one of the coolest and most exciting jobs on Trusted Herd in April of 2023, offering an unparalleled experience for those passionate about robotics and STEM education.

6. ABC Kids Expo

Staffed by ACE Models on Trusted Herd

This year, the ABC Kids Expo stood out as one of the most unique jobs on Trusted Herd in April of 2023. As North America’s exclusive and esteemed juvenile products trade show, it provided an exceptional platform for businesses and professionals in the industry. Hosted at the renowned Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, the expo offered a diverse range of exhibits showcasing the latest innovations, services, and trends in juvenile products. Attendees had the opportunity to network with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge offerings, and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of child-centric products. The ABC Kids Expo truly embodied excellence and served as a pivotal event for anyone involved in the juvenile products sector.

7. Shaky Knees Music Festival

Staffed by Diverse Agency on Trusted Herd

Another one of the coolest events on Trusted Herd in April was the Shaky Knees Music Festival. Known as a rock-lover’s dream, Shaky Knees showcased over 60 bands and offered a diverse lineup from world-renowned acts to up-and-coming artists. Beyond the music, the festival provided a wide range of experiences, including mouthwatering food trucks offering everything from good ol’ southern BBQ to vegetarian-friendly options. With on-site activations such as cell phone charging stations, fun photo booths, official festival merchandise, and screen prints of favorite bands, Shaky Knees offered something for everyone. Being a part of this event allowed you to promote an incredible music festival that not only celebrated the best of rock music but also provided a vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable experiences for attendees.

8. Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix

Staffed by WTS Player Services & Transport on Trusted Herd

As one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated events on the motorsport calendar, the Miami Grand Prix provided an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators alike. With its debut in 2022 at the Miami International Autodrome, this thrilling race captured the attention of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Being able to work at such a high-profile event through Trusted Herd allowed individuals to immerse themselves in the fast-paced world of Formula 1, witness the remarkable skills of the world’s best drivers, and contribute to the seamless execution of this international spectacle. The Miami Grand Prix provided an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a historic event, making it one of the most sought-after and exciting jobs available on Trusted Herd during April 2023.

9. Interwire

Staffed by Convention Model on Trusted Herd

The next unique job on our list was at Interwire, the premier event showcasing the North American wire & cable market. Interwire provided a unique view of the industry’s latest technologies, products, and research, making it an invaluable resource for professionals in the field. With over 300 exhibiting companies, workers had the chance to directly engage with international representatives and explore cutting-edge capital equipment solutions. Moreover, expert speakers shared their industry forecasts, allowing attendees to stay ahead of the curve. These reasons combined to make it one of the most exceptional and sought-after jobs on the platform in April 2023!

10. Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue Festival

Staffed by Havas Street on Trusted Herd

This festival embodied the true spirit of the South, offering an array of pleasures including beer, bourbon, barbecue, boots, bacon, biscuits, bluegrass, and smoked beasts. The job at this festival provided an extraordinary opportunity to be part of a lively and vibrant atmosphere, indulging in the joys of beer sipping, bourbon tasting, music listening, cigar smoking, and barbecue eating. As a worker at this festival, individuals had the chance to engage with enthusiastic attendees, explore a wide selection of beer and bourbon, and enjoy an all-you-care-to-taste sampling. This job allowed workers to immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions of the South, creating memorable experiences for festival-goers while being a part of a dynamic team in a festive and celebratory setting.


The month of April 2023 showcased an impressive array of extraordinary live event gigs on Trusted Herd. From music festivals and brand activations to robotics competitions and industry expos, these opportunities provided professionals with a chance to immerse themselves in unique and memorable experiences. Trusted Herd continues to connect talented individuals with exciting job opportunities, allowing them to be part of events that push boundaries, inspire creativity, and create lasting impressions. Whether it’s celebrating the spirit of travel and music at Holo Holo Fest or being part of the adrenaline-pumping Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, Trusted Herd offers a platform for people to thrive in the dynamic world of live events. With each gig offering its own blend of excitement, innovation, and entertainment, Trusted Herd proves to be a valuable resource for professionals seeking unforgettable brand ambassador jobs at live event gigs.