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“Trusted Herd is the future we’ve all been waiting on; a can’t miss. If anyone has a desire for success, transparency and securing their position in our industry, this is it.”

Edwin Goitia, Founder, Promo Rockstars

“From brands, to Experiential Marketing and Staffing agencies, and Experiential Marketing Professionals (EXP’s) who execute events, Brian has built a reputable industry source. As a current EXP, I have benefited from the transparency,  agency reviews, jobs, as well as insight Trusted Herd provides. This in itself is truly a game changer. If you work in our industry at any capacity, join the herd!”

Jae Davis

Trusted Herd’s name speaks for itself. No one listens to the lone BA complaining about poor treatment or slow pay. TH has given us strength in numbers. It’s given a voice to those who some agencies see as expendable bodies. It’s has given us a way to reclaim pride in the very important work we do.

Mercedes Griffin Forbes, 6 Year Promotional Marketing Expert